VR, Virtual Reality,
O2 strikes first with Oculus virtual reality!

You put a helmet on and suddenly…you’re inside a virtual experience that’s as real as it can get!

Growth, Hacking, Rise
The Rise of Growth Hacking!

O2 attended the Collaborative & Entrepreneurship summit in Dubai, to showcase our VR Projects that we've done.

Growth, Influencers, Marketing
The Outraging Growth of Influencer Marketing!

Today’s Social Media platforms has been acting as one huge megaphone for the voice of the customers.

Women, Future, Empowerment
The Women Empowerment

We believe that behind every successful woman is a tribe of another successful women!

Business, Tool, Instagram
Instagram Reveals Its New Business Tool!

Instagram has recently announced the launch of a new tool for business users to turn your Instagram post into an Ad easily!

Blog, Feature, Ads
Twitter Unveils a New Feature!

Twitter has recently been testing out a new swipe-able Ad unit that includes videos, text and images!

Collaboration, Innovation, VR
Collaboration & Innovation Summit

We are proud of being one of the first agencies to embrace the virtual reality experience

Marketing, Posts, Advertising
Why Some Posts Go Viral & Others Don’t?

Is the use of real Stories that always go viral! Usually people like posts to be in terms of a narrative story.

Technology, Obsession, Platforms
The Obsession with Technology Is Real!

If you walk down the streets, you will notice that people are completely hooked up to their devices.

Tesla, Electric, Automakers
The Story Behind Tesla’s Success!

Tesla is one of those companies who stands out for their success story that blows everyone’s mind.

Artwork, Creative, Events
Snapchat's new "On-Demand" Geofilter!

Snapchat is blowing away their users by its creativity in designing the Geo-filter, fun way to share where in the world you are!

Social Media, Blog, Followers
Your Guide to Being ‘Socially Famous’!

Generating leads is the ultimate benefit of creating and maintaining a Social Media presence for most companies.

Facebook, Posts, Social Media
Facebook’s New Reactions!

Chris Cox, the social network’s chief product officer dropped a bomb with six executives

Feature, Whatsapp, Agency
Another WhatsApp Wish List Feature!

A new WhatsApp feature was added to allow users to share documents and files with each other!

Technology, Skytelecom, Virtual Reality
O2 Strikes First with Oculus Virtual Reality!

You put a helmet on and suddenly…you’re inside a virtual experience that’s as real as it can get!

Application, Hospitality, Emaar
Emaar's Immersive IPad Application

We take pleasure in announcing that we have developed an immersive/interactive user experience in an IPad Application.

Selfie, Blog, World Record
Mr. Selfie India Breaks the Record

To some, a way to entertain yourself when you are bored but to Bhanu Prakash, it’s a very serious matter.

Social Media, Markleting, Trends
Top Hot Trends in Advertising

Advertising trends have evolved dramatically throughout the years in order to reach audience effectively.

Advertising, Social Media, Agency
The Power of Social Media

Social media platforms and applications that are being developed so often for people to socialize and communicate .

Blog, GIF, Twitter
Twitter Introduces GIF Button!

Every social networking service is trying to be everything for everyone by implementing similar designs & features.

PR, Top Trends, Network
Top PR trends to watch out for in 2016!

Just as digital and communication are evolving, so should our public relations practices

Advertising, Marketing, Social Trends
Top Hot Trends in Advertising

Advertising trends have evolved dramatically throughout the years to reach audiences in a smart & effective way.

Mobile, World, Technology
Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona!

Mobile world congress is the largest mobile trade show in the world, kicking off in Barcelona.

Advertising, Agency, BAS Mall
O2 Partners up with Bawabat Al Sharq Mall

O2 is proud to announce that it has been selected by Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Abu Dhabi!

Human Kind, Technology, Threats
Hawking Warns Human Kind

Hawking mentioned the biggest threats humans are facing right now come from developments in science & technology.

Network, PR, Marketing
RE- The Spa Review Week

Public relations is a very critical and essential marketing tool, therefore, it needs to be done the right way.

App, Buzz, Snapchat
Is the Peach App so Peachy?

The App that created a huge buzz, ‘Hoopla’ if we may, and it’s called Peach, created by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann.

DXB, Facebook. Messenger, Whatsapp
Facebook Messenger VS. WhatsApp

Although both are under the same owner, questions arise about which of them will be the ‘Ultimate Champion’ in the long run.

Drones, Transportation, Innovation
Drones Now Carrying People!

Carrying goods, cameras, and creating amazing footage making production a world of innovation, was not enough.

Social Media, Networking
Quote of the Week - By Ann Handley!
Snapchat, Advertising, Social Media
Snapchat Plays Catch-Up

Snapchat is building a new Ad technology platform that will indeed get it in the game with the other giants in the market.

Self-Driving Cars, Socila Media
Nvidia's Major Update on Self-Driving Cars!

Nvidia kicks off 2016 by announcing the updated version of it’s computing platform for self-driving cars!

Social Media, Advertising
The Power of Social Media

Social media platforms have become a crucial aspect of customer service in all fields.

Happiness, New Year, Perseverance
Here's to a Happy & Blissful New Year!

More often than not, we try to do things that make us happy, and we get disappointed when it does not work.

Twitter, Agency, Social Media
Do we Need More than 140 Characters?

We believe a slight increase in character limit would be magnificent, as long as its not too much!

Advertising, Social Media
Facebook Opens Live Video Feed!

Facebook has decided to take a piece of that action, and has created Facebook Live.

Social Media, Platforms
What's What in Social Media

No doubt that we need to know what’s what in social media, & all these changes need to be our top priority!

Advertising, Quote, Inspiring
Inspiring Quote by William Bernbach
O2, Advertising, Celebration
O2 10 Years of Persistency!

O2 did not spare an expense or any effort to make this a memorable day for all, so we basically went pretty big.

Cannes, Award, Manufacturer
Volvo drives away with two Cannes awards

We’re not afraid to admit when a company or agency has nailed a concept, in fact, it gets us pretty excited.

Design, Expo 2020, Logo
Expo 2020 Logo Design Competition

Bureau Dubai Expo 2020 has officially launched a nationwide design contest for the new Expo 2020 Dubai logo.

Film, Poetry, Advertising
JWT Beirut partners with Fathallah Films

Kahlil Gibran  was considered one the finest poets to have graced our planet, revered as a literary genius.

Film, Poetry, Advertising
An Amazing World of Fun, Joy and Shopping

To date, The Prophet has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and has been transalted into more than 40 languages.

Marketing, Advertising, PR
A Stronger Fund for a Better Future

O2 appointed by Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund (ADRPBF) to handle the pension integrated account

Branding, Logo, Foundation
O2 Successfully rebrands the MBRF

O2 is extremely pleased to complete the task of rebranding such a charitable and prestigious foundation.

Health, Life balance
Staying Healthy at the Office

Choosing the right snacks for your office breaks is incredibly important to maintain a good work/life balance.

Business, Dining, Etiquette
How to dine Japanese in a business setting

Japanese culture is centered on politeness, overall respect for people and living in harmony.

AI, E-commerce, Market
AI Potential in FMCG E-Commerce

Our Managing Director's thoughts about AI Intelligence Readiness Index