With all the social media platforms and applications that are being developed so often for people to socialize and communicate; and with embracing social media as a mean of advertising, this is truly considered the age of Digital & Social Media.

Facebook was only intended to enable people to communicate with each other and not as a marketing tool, YouTube was a simple video sharing website, and the same goes to Instagram and Snapchat.

Nowadays you can harness your social media platforms to boost your business. Facebook did not start as a profitable tool, who would have thought this would become to be a profit generator? Twitter will enable you to have an online presence by tagging other businesses in your tweets and with the new implantation of promoting advertisements on twitter, it is becoming a profit generating tool and the same goes to Instagram, and on the line and growing, Snapchat is really punching its way through with Ads costing up to levels starting from $50,000.

On the other hand, people are on social media all the time, therefore any post or a comment can go viral in seconds, and reach as many people as possible. Hence social media platforms are now seen as a way of educating and updating customers as well as enabling engagement and communication!