Snapchat is blowing away their users by its creativity in designing the Geo-filter. Each place or city is being illustrated with an artwork that represents its personality. It’s a fun way to share where in the world you are!


There are two types:


  1. Community Geo-filters: Artists & designers are encouraged to create & submit a Community Geo-filter for their local landmark, city, university, or another public location.


  1. On-Demand Geo-filters:  Users have been demanding Geo-filters not just for public places but also for their businesses or private event, hence it’s enabling users to create their own Geo-filters for weddings, businesses or any other place. So you design and submit it to the Geo-filter team to review it.  On-Demand Geo-filters are available now in the US, UK, and Canada, and more locations coming soon!


As defined by Snapchat “Geo-filters are dynamic art for different places”