Nvidia kicks off 2016 by announcing the updated version of it’s computing platform for self-driving cars! An artificial intelligence technology that lets cars sense everything around them and drive in a safe route.

The new supercomputing platform processes 10 times as much as the 1st generation platform. Said to be a much better and much more powerful “Beast”.

Self- driving cars were something we always imagined in the far far future, yet soon enough, it seems like it will be a reality! As Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang mentioned, these cars “…will revolutionise society.” He also announced that Volvo – which is known for top-notch safety cars – will be the first to deploy DRIVE PX2 by next year in the world’s first public trial of autonomous driving!

In light of this event, we decided to ask the O2 team what they feel about this and if they would go for a self-driving car or not, we ended up with incredibly interesting yet very strange answers….keep reading for some of the answers!

“MMM… would take me some time to be comfortable with something non-human driving me around..”

“No…Thats just weird, but maybe because I don’t drive at all.”

“HMMM…sure why not? I hate driving myself!”

“Yes! Why not? Probably safer than humans driving.”

And our personal favourite response: “It’s ok.”