Twitter has recently been testing out a new swipe-able Ad unit that includes videos, text and images! It allows brands to control both user tweets and their own in a carousel format. But of course brands will need to ask for users’ permission to promote their tweet as an Ad.

It recently got an official name, Dubbed Promoted Tweet Carousel, where it will not only curate multiple tweets within a single, swipe-able Ad unit, but also allow brands to combine content from niche users!

Twitter claims that this new feature will cut down the cost for advertisers since now they don’t have to come up with creatives. They will be charged based on the number of engagement an Ad unit will receive!

Since people tweet about their brands every day, this move is a powerful solution to support the marketers’ leverage social recommendations!

We here at O2 can highly benefit from this move! we can add the swipe-able Ad unit from the content that we create for our clients to promote our work!