You put a helmet on and suddenly…you’re inside a virtual experience that’s as real as it can get! You can now watch a VR movie, race, fly, play your favorite games or spend time with your friends, thanks to Oculus VR! It’s a virtual reality headset gear created by Oculus in 2016. It’s easy to set up & can work with your laptop or gaming desktop. It comes with a remote, cable, and Xbox controller! The headset is embedded with sensors to track your movement and monitors your head motion and then adjusts the image accordingly, therefore you’ll immerse yourself in a an all too real virtual world!

O2 have collaborated with Sky Telecom to enable Oculus VR in Gitex Shopper 2016. Our team spent astonishing efforts to come up with a flawless campaign that revolves around showcasing the VR Gear. We encouraged people to experience it on the stand and play a racing game to sense that they are looking around a 3D world! We have also encouraged them to participate in a competition where they get to put on the gear, play the racing game, and then they’ll be asked questions related to scenes they have watched, and if they get them right they’ll win valuable prizes from Sky Telecom!

The experience was with no doubt a memorable one, with so much passion placed in one place, a passion for amazing technology! Looking forward for more exciting activations to come!