Chris Cox, the social network’s chief product officer dropped a bomb with six executives around a conference and said that the “like” button needs to be changed a bit since it’s considered to be one of the symbols that highly affect advertising on Facebook. So they decided to introduce new reactions, five new icons with different textual meaning. Facebook’s intention was to enable users to do more than a like and to have reactions on someone’s post.

The new reactions include Love, Sad, Angry, Wow, and Haha. The other alternative change was adding a dislike button but it was thought that it will spread negativity. Many critics thought that those reactions were a waste or thought that we needed more specified reactions like “nope” for instance, others thought that it is a great move since not every post is ‘likeable’ some posts require you to feel sympathized with instead!

We here at O2 have many strong opinions such as:

“I think it’s stupid & all we asked for is a like & a dislike buttons and all we ended up with are these useless reactions!”

“Would’ve loved it if there was a dislike button!”

“It gives me more option but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its a good thing”

“I don’t use them”

And finally after all the hating, “it’s nice, it’s cool”…