A question not on many people’s minds, but one that’s worth the attention. Although both are under the same owner, some questions arise about which of them will be the ‘Ultimate Champion’ in the long run.

Facebook Messenger has officially reached 800 million users per month, in comparison with WhatsApp’s winning statistic of more than 900 million as of September 2015, it’s very…very close, who would have thought? Though both under the same umbrella, one of them might yet take over.

Lets look at the pros and cons of each of these two messengers, and see if we can come to a decision on who will be the champion in the near future. Both platforms share very similar features and offerings, yet some differences can shed light on this subject. Facebook Messenger for instance has the lovely feature of being able to text non-messenger friends via their phone number; in addition to a more clear vision of who’s online and who’s not on your messenger, this can be a con depending on personal preferences. WhatsApp on the other hand, features a very important aspect, the link to your phone number, which enables you to get your contacts as soon as you have their phone number on your cell, a feature messenger has yet to provide. Although to speak frankly, this feature can be a pro, or a con, depending on each person’s point of view. Moving on to the cons, on Messenger, you cannot log out instantly from the app, a long heart-aching process is in place if you want to make that happen, but on the other hand, this was never a problem, seeing as you can’t log out of WhatsApp either. As for WhatsApp, you don’t appear as online until you enter the app, a feature many of us are thankful for, but can be seen as a drawback considering the circumstances; there are also no moving stickers or mini-games.

Now with a better view of whats good and whats not, we believe Facebook Messenger has a good fighting chance, both being under the same umbrella, a really good chance. Both platforms have their pros and cons, and many of them can be perceived differently by different opinions. Quite frankly, it seems the decision here is not really up to users, not to a very large extent, its up to to the big umbrella we like to call Facebook.