Just as digital and communication are evolving, so should our public relations practices with the different audience preferences.

The PR world is becoming more and more integrated, practitioners should be aware of the new trends.

A traditional press release is out of date! It’s important for PR Practitioners to evolve in new ways to get news regarding accomplishments of organizations. Try developing connections and relationships with industry leaders, take advantage of social media to the fullest, and integrate clear visuals in your messages to grab the attention of journalists.

The need for an online reputation management. The first thing journalists do is search for you and what your company does. So, when someone searches you and finds positive content around your company, brand and expertise, you will get to develop a connection.

Building a network with industry influencers is better than number of followers! It’s always more effective to develop a network with industry influencers who have many followers and those who are loyal to the company and the brand than having a huge number of followers with no engagement.

To wrap it up, the need for social media ads and paid promotion will continue to grow! Studies show that using social media ads and paid promotion efforts are seeing higher and higher returns every years and marketers need to explore new ways to enhance those efforts!