Expo 2020 has announced its partnership with Wamda, the leading platform for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East & North Africa, to launch the Collaborative Entrepreneurship initiative. We at O2 will showcase our latest experience in virtual reality as a part of the creative café in the Collaboration & Innovation Summit. This collaboration believes that such launch creates a great promise for the future and huge opportunities for the society as it aims to bring corporations & startups together to form mutually beneficial business partnerships that plays a role in encouraging entrepreneurship!

We here at O2 aim to be known for our innovation in VR as we truly believe in the art of innovation & in espousing anything that is new! We’ve been immersing ourselves in the promising Virtual Reality innovation and 360 videography. We are proud of being one of the first agencies to embrace the virtual reality experience by collaborating with clients to showcase their brand assets in a VR environment!

Looking forward to working with many innovative projects as we go!