The App that created a huge buzz, a ‘Hoopla’ if we may, and it’s called Peach. Peach was created by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann; this app allows users to post status updates, pictures, and ‘Magic Words’, these words let you post where you are, what you’re listening to, and instantly create GIFs that reflect on the user’s current mood or ideas, & much more. Similar to the many beloved social media platforms, with the added touch of the ‘Magic Word’.

Now; competing with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is somewhat of a far fetched dream, that snapchat is possibly accomplishing. The creative ways of posting, the content, and the personalisation of the app between friends certainly gives it an edge. But is that enough to compete with platforms that have become so entrenched that they became a part of us? The way we speak, think, live?…Maybe not, word is out that the app is already dying to some extent, it might be just a weekly buzz, but then again, who knows?

The name of the app alone is a compelling added value, it’s without a doubt, pure genius and definitely steals the eye, in addition to the fact that anybody is likely to get hooked when they first use it. A bunch of us here at O2 decided to take a stab at it… and while we were all a bit too excited at first, that excitement bubbled down pretty soon!