Instagram has recently announced the launch of a new tool for business users, and it includes a new business profile, analytics, and the ability to turn your Instagram post into an Ad easily!

This new update was developed after engaging with hundreds of businesses that uses the platform to determine what needs were currently under-served & what better way to help their profiles and posts stand out, in addition to tools that will help them understand and acquire customers!

This led to the development of business profile, insights (analytics) and a new tool to directly promote your most viewed posts.

This new feature will allow users to upgrade their accounts in order to gain access to an extended set of features, including the added ability to let customers reach out to the businesses through phone call, texts or emails with an easy tap, as well as maps to the business.

The business profile is only limited to those who already have a Facebook Page for their businesses!

It will allow access to payment credentials, and for those who self-promote on Instagram to gain followers only without a commercial interest won’t be allowed to use some of the new tools, like the insights feature. However, this may change in the future. They will begin testing insights with verified accounts and those with a large number of followings and may then consider rolling out the new update to a wider community!

Insights will help you track your engaging posts and other details about the demographic. This includes features like reach, top posts, engagement and impressions around the posts.

The other feature is the ad creation, users will be able to promote their well-performing posts and directly change them into ads, and the app will give a suggestion based on the budget and audience.

Since Instagram is tied to Facebook to use the app, businesses can determine their custom audiences based on data from Facebook users’ profiles, like age, gender and location as well as their interests!

Business profiles will roll out in the coming months in the Australia, U.S., and New Zealand, and will be available worldwide by the end of the year!

This is a great update for O2, since it will give us insights into the most engaging posts and other features like impressions and reach and therefore it will spare us the time and can be changed directly into ads!