Who knew? We all thought its as good as it gets when it comes to drones! Carrying goods, carrying cameras, and creating amazing footage making production a world of innovation, was not enough.

The EHANG 184, an Autonomous Ariel Vehicle was now created to carry a human at a maximum weight of 220 pounds, with air conditioning, a hover feature, and much more that makes this a pretty cool idea. Some questions were raised however as to how safe this could be. This is mostly because all aspects of flying are controlled by a tablet in the cockpit, although safety measures have been taken to make this aspect a seller incase it lagged, froze, or faced technical problems. This tablet allows you to select your destination and just relax while the 184 AAV manages the take-off, the journey, and the landing process. These safety measures include, automatic landing in the nearest and safest location if the system goes through any sort of malfunctioning, and encrypted communication with independent keys for each vehicle. Take-off and landing happens vertically, and the whole process is one click away, its system was described as both ‘simple and advanced’.

How may of you would fly in the human-carrying drone?