Many posts go viral and are naturally contagious while others don’t. According to a research on different campaigns, it was noticed that there are some important qualities that are not being implemented in others. Such as:

Social Currency that refers to anything interesting we share to make others like us! We share what makes us look good! Why do we share cool photos & videos for instance? To make us look good. So, we don’t share boring posts that make people think we’re boring!

Another quality is Triggers, it’s a stimulus that pushes us to recall a product or brand, for example recalling a brand because of a celebrity that was being used in the advertisement! We share what’s at the top of our minds.

Emotions play a huge role in the virality of posts. We tend to try to be rational in our decisions yet we rely mostly on our emotions therefore it plays a powerful role, and this is why focusing on feelings is better than focusing on the features of the product! We share what we care about.

And lastly…

Is the use of real Stories that always go viral! Usually people like posts to be in terms of a narrative story.

Internet users have more control over what they look at online than ever before so to earn their attention, marketers like us have to create content that’s worthy of our audience’s emotional investment & time, and this framework is a good guide for content writers to make sure that their ideas are as shareable as possible!