Instaclass uses state-of-the-art video and voice technology for fully online interactive tutoring sessions.
The Brand
Online education made simple

For the next generation
O2 produced the brand identity and applications for the online and offline communications.
Everything from
Web, to social, to mobile and beyond
We developed the user interface branding for the mobile app and website. Instaclass brings together learners and top tutors across a vast range of subjects and specializations in an environment that is comfortable and convenient and we ensured all written and visual communications for the brand sent this message loud and clear.
Technologically advanced for the future of education
Digital whiteboard, scientific learning tools and live video and voice technology
Unlike traditional tutoring, Instaclass offers flexible, technological and affordable learning solutions that fit in with the learner's lifestyle. Their state-of-the-art digital education platform has been specially developed using the latest video streaming technology, connecting tutors and learners wherever they are - at home, at work, at college or even at the move. Instaclass can be accessed anywhere, any time, from any device for easy learning.
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