We created a comprehensive campaign for Agatha that entailed integrated advertising, branding, social and digital elements.
Brand Identity
Your branding is your identity. How you're known. How you're remembered.

Consistency is key
We were given the task of coming up with Agatha's entire look and feel; from colors, to logo and official font, to visual communication and everything in between.
We also took on the task of creating Agatha's website.
User Interface Design
We wanted to make sure the UI was intuitive and user-friendly without compromising aesthetic appeal and simplicity. The user was taken into consideration with every detail implemented to ensure a smooth experience.
We also took on developing Agatha's mobile app
Clean, simple and easy to use.
The mobile app was an incredibly intricate and detailed process, and we loved every minute of it. UI and copywriting were major focuses for this project and the end result was a successful app that the client was happy with and we were proud of.
Creative ad campaign to show that Agatha provides you with home services, so you can have more time for yourself and loved ones.
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