RTA was in need of an e-manual and annual review book design to document the year's noteworthy projects and accomplishments. This proposal included branding, design, content, creative elements and copywriting.
Inside content
Map design for RTA public transportation routes

Review book and e-manual
Our proposal included designs adapted for both mobile and web. In today's constantly changing digital age, it's so important to ensure that consumers are able to access information from multiple devices in order to maximize reach, exposure, and overall utility.
Annual review book design cover
Premium hard cover design
We wanted our design to be simple but distinctive. The main headline translates to "Create. Move forward. Develop," which clearly represents RTA's identity as innovators in their field.
Unique label feature
Color-coded labels for organization
To make it easier to locate projects and other documents, we designed a distinct color-coded labeling system to ease the process of placing and locating information.
The e-manual design was in line with the theme of the annual review book: Distinct, clean and simple.
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