The region’s first healthy food delivery and wellness platform, Plotos, is a one-stop shop that connects users with just a few clicks to healthy and wholesome food delivered right to their home or office based on their needs and lifestyle.
Plotos app developed by O2
Health is wealth.

Plotos helps people live a healthy lifestyle and the app makes it almost effortless. . Plotos curates a high-quality and diverse selection of restaurants in Dubai from which users can choose a dietary plan and swift through a wide range of healthy choices.
Built with the healthy consumer in mind
Know what's in your food
Just because it's a salad, doesn't mean it's healthy. Sometimes salads and other foods that are labeled "health" foods are packed with sugary dressing, large quantities of cheese, pasta and other ingredients our bodies don't need in excess. On the Plotos app, you are able to view each item and its contents very clearly in order to make the best choice for your personal needs.
A closer look
the details
Have a full view of the item, restaurant, price, status of delivery and other details.
Easy to download, easy to use
Plotos Mobile App
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