Batelco is a major telecommunications company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The challenge was to create a unified campaign to be used for the launch of Batelco's 3oth anniversary.
Emphasizing connections

Rationale for the dots concept
For the 30th anniversary campaign, we proposed a new logo to be used on all communications for the launch. The dots symbolize Batelco connecting all of Bahrain. This was a graphic element from which they were able to shape multiple communications and designs.
Queue solution
Game for customers to play in store
Batelco had a problem of long queues in their stores. To improve the customer experience, we created a game that could be played on an iPad or tablet while waiting in the queue. Customers also had the chance to win a prize if the object of the game was fulfilled.
In-store branding
30th anniversary
The 30th anniversary logo was rolled out through Mother's Day, and in-store branding was implemented for manuals, goodie boxes and signage.
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